Sculpt the Motion, video HD, 5'44'', loop, 2017 (sound design Alessandro Tomarchio)

Through a highly sculptural performance, “Sculpt the Motion” focuses on a poetic sublimation of the urban biosphere, which becomes an unintentional film set. A urban performance - or maybe a representation of the promenade in looping, wherein the body-subject-passenger is fully immersed - is the beginning of an unusual urban panism. Gilles Deleuze’s famous remark that the body is “but a series of images” remembered, desired, rejected and dreamt, is an apt description for the body’s place within the video. These mobile sculptures out of insulating material, almost like sculptures reminiscent of a Futurist dynamism, represent transformations that are temporary, ephemeral, and yet so precious in their spontaneous, organic vitality. The uncontrollable surfaces do not contain the drive towards becoming a creative form. The video echoes back to the textile kinematics of Serpentine Dance, recalling a mobile texture and a continuous metamorphosis of shapes.The body becomes a ritualistic/gestural expression, and partly from an interest in the depiction of the body as malleable material.



Devis Venturelli, Solo Screening, Musei di San Domenico, Forlì, in Ibrida Festival delle Arti Intermediali, curated by Piero Deggiovanni


BelVedere | Devis Venturelli, Solo Screening, Teatro dei Fauni, Locarno, Switzerland, collateral event at Locarno Film Festival, curated by Fabio Carnaghi

Estasi Urbane | Devis Venturelli, Solo Screening, Premio Alinovi Daolio, Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna, curated by Renato Barilli, Claudio Marra

Scivias, Galerie Lisi Hammerle, Bregenz, Austria, three person exhibition


Sculpt the Motion | Devis Venturelli, Solo Screening, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, Canada, in Antimatter Media Art Festival



Rythm Formulas for Dance Film, Parallel Art Foundation, Budapest, Hungary, curated by Gitta Wigro


Dance@30FPS, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, USA, curated by Demetra Chiafos 

Contact Dance Film Festival, Portland, USA, curated by Mitchel Rose 


Channels Festival 2019, International Biennial of Video Art, Nova Cinema, Melbourne / Metro Arts,  Brisbane, Australia, curated by Kelly Alred

In Shadow Lisbon Screendance Festival, Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon, Portugal

40th Brussels International Film Festival , Atomium, Cinéma Ritcs, Cinéma Galéries, Brussels, Belgium

Eco Shifters Screening, Carriage Trade, New York, United States, curated by Debora Hirsch

7th Arquiteturas Film Festival, Human Nature, Cinema São Jorge, Lisboa, Portugal

23rd Avanca Film Festival, Cinema Dolce Vita, Avanca, Portugal

18th International Kansk Video Festival, City House of Culture, Kansk, Russia

Festival Marieta à Parte, Casa Parte, Jardim Europa, São Paulo, Brazil

Eurocinema International Film Festival, Humanity House Museum, The Hague, Netherlands 

13th Migrations Dance Film Festival, Wales, United Kingdom

Festival Internacional de Films sobre Arquitetura, IAB SP - Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil / FAAP - Fundação Penteado / SENAC Lapa Faustolo, São Paulo, Brazil 

Ibrida Festival, Il Quotidiano Surreale, Fabbrica delle Candele, Forlì, Italy, curated by Piero Deggiovanni

Videoartyearbook, Cultural Heritage Department, University of Padua, Padua, Italy, curated by Renato Barilli, Silvia Grandi, Fabiola Naldi

SEAFF - International Film Festival, Cinema Zita, Stockholm, Sweden

Eco Shifters, Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato, Torre, Switzerland, curated by Debora Hirsch and Franco Marinotti


46th Dance on Camera, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, New York, USA * 

New Filmakers NY, Anthology Film Archives, New York, USA

Cinema e Arquitetura, SESC - Cine Teatro Mussi, Laguna, Brazil 

Eurocinema International Film Festival, Royal Halloway University of London, Engham Hill, UK

International Architecture Film Festival, PCA / Paris College of Art, Paris, France

nodoCCS - International Videoart Festival, Fundacion El Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela

Joinville International Short Film Festival, Escola do Teatro Bolshoi, Joinville, Brazil

Venice Film Week, La Casa del Cinema, Venice, Italy

Antimatter [Media Art], Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, Canada, curated by Doborah De Boer and Todd Eacrett

Move Cine Arch, 16th Architecture Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy

New York City Indipendent Film Festival, New York, USA

BelVedere, MIART/Milan Art Week, MARS, Milan, Italy, curated by Fabio Carnaghi 


34th Tehran International Short Film Festival, Tehran, Iran

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Hong Kong 

24th International Short Film Week, Regensburg, Germany