Sculpt the Motion, video HD, 5'44'', loop, 2017 (sound design Alessandro Tomarchio)

Through a highly sculptural performance, “Sculpt the Motion” focuses on a poetic sublimation of the urban biosphere, which becomes an unintentional film set. A urban performance - or maybe a representation of the promenade in looping, wherein the body-subject-passenger is fully immersed - is the beginning of an unusual urban panism. Gilles Deleuze’s famous remark that the body is “but a series of images” remembered, desired, rejected and dreamt, is an apt description for the body’s place within the video. These mobile sculptures out of insulating material, almost like sculptures reminiscent of a Futurist dynamism, represent transformations that are temporary, ephemeral, and yet so precious in their spontaneous, organic vitality. The uncontrollable surfaces do not contain the drive towards becoming a creative form. The video echoes back to the textile kinematics of Serpentine Dance, recalling a mobile texture and a continuous metamorphosis of shapes.The body becomes a ritualistic/gestural expression, and partly from an interest in the depiction of the body as malleable material.