Pneumotion, video HD, 4', colore, suono (2015)

Pneumotion is inspired by the apologue by Menenius Agrippa where the physiology of human body is a metaphor for the society as a community at one. Above a pavement street some heterogeneous clothes inflate and deflate repeatedly exorcising the physical body dimension. The cast-off clothes are structured and connected each other in assemblages simulating a large installation. The anthropomorphic features of clothes - without bodies - breath artificially. The video describes the cultural architectures in the contemporary society, exploring the territories of the global connections, the outlines of the cultural identity, the pathways of subliminal mechanisms, in the need to return to real contacts and rehabilitate the difference.




Proyector Festival, Prado Media-Lab, Madrid, Spain

Ibrida Festival, Fabbrica delle Candele, Forlì, Italy 

Videoart Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece


Digital Pop, 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece 

Fonland International Video Art and performance Festival, Coimbra, Portugal